1970's Ambergris Oil 

In the 1970's Alyssa Ashley for Houbigant and Jovan released a fragrance titled Ambergris Oil. The warm and animalic scent were representative of the 1970's era.  Although they bear the ambergris name, it is unsure if it contains actual ambergris. Both scents are discontinued.  

1973 Star-News Newspaper Ad

Alyssa Ashley Houbigant Ambergris Oil

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Dana Ambergris Oil

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BOATSTEERER After Shave Lotion

George H. Fuller Co. Perfumery Consultants

This new and intriguing After Shave Lotion combines the romance of the Sperm Whale with the skill of modern perfumery techniques.

Ambergris has been an article of commerce for many centuries.  At first it had various, questionable medicinal uses, but in recent centuries, since the 1500's, it has been used in perfumery.  In ancient times, most Ambergris was probably found floating or cast up on the beaches of Africa and the Far East.  In more recent times, it has come from rare finds in a few captured Sperm Whales.

However, Sperm Whales have never been hunted for the Ambergris they sometimes yield.  If the hunting of these and all other whales can be halted by international treaties, as we sincerely hope, there will still be Ambergris found as the natural by-product of this huge and wonder mammal.

For the Perfumer, the well-aged Tincture of Ambergris provides a superlative, odorous fixative with a very special harmonizing effect in selected compositions such as BOATSTEERER After Shave Lotion.  The end note is warm, slightly earthy and masculine, but has great appeal to the feminine sex.  Combined with a sophisticated, fresh perfume composition, Ambergris brings sperb fragrance character and harmony to this functional product.

Most of all, BOATSTEERER After Shave Lotion creates for the wearer a romantic association with th world-wide, oceanic home of the Sperm Whale.